HBL ART presents our new artist from the United Kingdom: Iain Alexander!
Introducing Royalty portrait artist, sculptor and former Olympic squad swimmer, Iain Alexander who doesn’t exactly conform or fit the ‘artist stereotype.’
While his work plays to a discerning audience with his alternative and sometimes punchy style, Alexander also made his mark across mainstream popular culture, as a Signed Music Producer, International DJ, PR Entrepreneur and Owner of Dubai’s first exclusive beach club at the age of 23.
Following his international swimming career Alexander was encouraged to travel the world by his mother and grandfather from an early age, subsequently establishing himself as an International DJ for one of the world’s biggest brands Pacha where he absorbed creative influences from every country he visited and immersed himself in the local culture. 
In this connection, the artist derives his inspiration equally from the extraordinary and the mundane in order to create, illuminate and manifest original, stylish and often surprising works of art with a focus on impact. Indeed his artistic oeuvre is an amalgamation as well as a fusion that marries imagery with iconography. 

Swiss art auctioneer and critic Simon De Pury reiterates: “I love Alexander’s vision and style of combining art and music. This is very relevant to what the world of art needs now. Alexander is a marketing dream.”

Choosing to mainly work through word of mouth with private clients, he found early success and has been commissioned to produce works for royalty, celebrities, private collectors and elite brands. Without limiting himself to one medium, discipline or style – Iain’s work remains fluid. Indeed he selects the materials and format for each new body of work depending on the client he is working with. “I wouldn’t classify myself as a normal artist. I don’t market myself, like an artist or go down the route of how other artists work. You have painters who paint, sculptors who sculpt. I can never do the same thing twice. I always wanted to explore, and there are so many ways now to do that. With each project, I try to push my boundaries. I love working with different mediums every single time.”  

Given the above, Alexander’s latest portrait in his ‘balloon series’ was the late H.M Queen Elizabeth II and the artwork was presented to her by her family on Mother’s Day and is currently being showcased at Windsor Castle. 

Finally Alexander is proud to announce that he is the first artist globally to achieve the OCW Carbon Neutral International Standard. Indeed Alexander’s artworks, production, travel and energy usage are now offset against the replanting of areas affected by deforestation around the world.