Let us explore Anastasia Ryabtseva’s artistic journey and fascinating life trajectory in the artist’s own words:

“Inspiration is what guides the brush across the canvas…”

Undoubtedly, life is primarily a manifestation and outpouring of emotions as well as a perfect amalgamation of colours that brighten our soul and enliven our being.


I was born in a beautiful and independent country with a magnificent soul, Ukraine. Since 2012, I have been based in the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) after completing my graduation from Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University where I specialised in Art and Graphic Design. 

At present, I teach painting in the Drawing Art Studio and also conduct master classes. My leisure time is completely consumed with the creation of works of art.

Since childhood, I have been extremely passionate about the creation of portraits which are uniquely focused on female fictional characters and depict female expression and sexuality. Indeed, I always attempt to experience, explore, glimpse and understand the emotions of my imaginary viewers via the look, the contours and shape of the face, the colour of the hair et al…. I completely identify myself with my viewers, immerse myself in their lives and envisage the core essence of their being, the feelings generated by them and reverberating in their innermost recesses – affection, cruelty, hope, love, passion, tenderness, vice et al.

My first and foremost inspiration is colour. Our lives revolve around the reflection of emotions and colours, the myriad hues which resonate in our being…My main aspiration is geared towards the revelation of the soul…And colours are the essence and heart of life…My ‘new face’ on the canvas radiates brightness or darkness, the glorious richness of colours…or a cold image is portrayed on the canvas depending on the varied use of colours.


My artistic journey till date:

22nd March 2019: Launch of my career by Spivakovska ART-EGO Gallery with a collective exhibition of young Ukrainian artists INSIGHTS. 

25th May 2019: Exhibition at Dnipro Fashion Weekend. 

5th December 2019: We Contemporary Art Show 2019 (Prague); was published in the second official presentation of We Contemporary Art Catalogue 2019.

13th March 2020: Group Exhibition ‘FORCES’ (London).

2nd May: 2020: Three works displayed in the online exhibition ‘WE ARE’.

My artworks are now part of many prestigious collections in France, Germany, Greece and USA.


I create original oil paintings and exquisite works on canvas, while constantly challenging myself with new ideas. Moreover, I aspire towards the manifestation of an original face in my creations.

Welcome to my Art World where you will discover and connect with many magical souls…