Shailesh Acharekar

HBL ART New Artist Shailesh Acharekar from India!

Imagination, that intangible force that knows no boundaries, has the power to conjure the most beautiful moments that exist solely in the realms of the mind. Yet, it takes a special individual, an artist, to breathe life into these ethereal visions and share them with the world. Among such visionaries, Shailesh Acharekar, born in the picturesque city of Kolhapur, has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of painters, known for his distinctive style of 3D paintings that transcend conventional artistic boundaries. His exceptional talent and dedication to his craft have earned him nominations for prestigious awards, including the London Award, and a place in the esteemed HARVARD WORLD RECORD for his innovative use of materials that transform his creations into living works of art. 

His artistic odyssey was initiated in 1996 when he embarked on a journey from his hometown to the bustling city of Mumbai. It was in this vibrant metropolis that he found his calling, securing admission to the renowned Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art.

While his artistic dreams took root, Shailesh initially ventured into the world of advertising, working as an art director for leading agencies. This seminal period of his life served as a crucible for his aspirations, manifesting his yearning to curate his own art exhibitions. The fire of passion burned brightly within him, and he embarked on a dual journey of corporate life by day and artistic exploration by night. 

As a reward for his unwavering commitment, Shailesh’s persistence bore fruit in 2003 when he achieved a significant milestone – his inaugural solo exhibition, “Touchwood Series.” This exhibition not only showcased his prodigious talent but also captivated a diverse and appreciative audience. The accolades that poured in were a testament to the emotional resonance of his work, validating his choice to pursue his artistic dreams.

However, life has a way of unfolding unexpected chapters, and in 2012, he took an extended hiatus from his burgeoning art career to become a caregiver.

Subsequently, his remarkable comeback led to the unveiling of his magnum opus, “Celestial Mind.” This exhibition, which showcased his immense growth as an artist, became the crowning achievement of his career. It was a testament to his resilience, the phoenix rising from the ashes of adversity, and the enduring power of art to heal and inspire. 

Shailesh Acharekar’s artistic journey extends beyond the canvas, transcending the boundaries of traditional artistry. He ventured into the world of short films, creating impactful and emotionally resonant content. His video, “Warriors of Covid-19,” is a tribute to Shailesh’s ability to weave compelling narratives through visual storytelling. Furthermore, his short film “WAQT” achieved unprecedented success, amassing over 91 national and international awards, thereby cementing his status as a versatile and impactful artist.