Teo San José

A much-feted and an award-winning sculptor, Teo San Jose was born in Valladolid, Spain and has been felicitated globally,

receiving multiple accolades for his profound, stunning and unique artistic creations.

Indeed, he currently manifests his sculptures in his atelier, located in the cities of Córdoba and Denia.

As far as his academic trajectory is concerned, he pursued Engineering studies at the Universities of Valladolid and Madrid.

Subsequently, his artistic journey was initiated with his deep involvement in sculptural projects linked to the popular architecture of Valladolid,

as well as simultaneously conducting various workshops on myriad aspects of sculpture, ceramics, as well as the artistic application of mechanical engineering.

Most significantly, he is responsible for the conception of official and self-funded programmes on art and education in Spain and Mexico.

Furthermore, his works form part of public and private collections in Spain, France, Mexico, China, and the United Kingdom.

When we open our eyes, minds, and perceptions to sculpture, we enter into an intimate space,

a path that leads us to the emptiness of the mind to touch our deepest being.

It is not necessary to understand, only to feel the life that the work of art has. It is a profound and personal experience.

Teo San José, also known as Sculptor of Poems, creates a sculptural work that arises from his desire to create dialogue spaces.

His public and private works manifest a clear intention to intervene in people’s daily lives by creating calm, serenity and peace.

Instead of being trapped in standardized exhibitions, his works generate a seminal impact by finding
their own places, diverse spaces and subsequently resonate with their own viewers.
Tension as a dynamic balance between concepts permeates all aspects of San José’s work.
He uses a language which is far from representation. As a result, sculptures emerge where matter and emptiness not only give shape to
space, but also penetrate it to create new emotional and physical places: sculptural poems.

Given the above, Teo San Jose reiterates: “My sculptural work is developed from the desire to create spaces for dialogue. It is necessary
to work from the dialogue as a form to achieve an expression of serenity. The public and monumental work that I carry out has a strong
intention to intervene in people’s daily lives. In my case, the sculptures do not wait in the standard exhibition spaces; On the
contrary, they are the ones that go out to meet their own place and its spectators      …
Emptiness and matter complement each other, changing our eyes, making new interpretations, always staying in motion…
The essential idea that my work moves within the scope of a dynamic and peaceful art at the same time, becomes increasingly important. Working
from this position allows me to build mental spaces where intuition and subjective thinking provide essential value.”