DRM of Norway

MASTER CHEF & FOUNDER Danièl Rougè Madsen has worked at some of the world’s best restaurants, including the 3-star Michelin Michel Roux`s, Waterside Inn in London, at The Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas and the 2-star Michelin star, Le Moulin in France. He became inspired by the culinary arts during his travels around the world to Singapore, New York and beyond.

Danièl has had a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay, and has shared a public speaking platform with Rene Redzepi, founder of Noma. He has entertained presidents, politicians, royalty and celebrities such as Prince Charles, Jeremy Irons and Justin Bieber. He has hosted many TV shows in around the world.. His passion for food has inspired more than 100 million viewers worldwide on television, YouTube and other media.

Madsen has won many prizes such as an “Excellence Award” from the Hilton Hotel, “Brand of the Year 2013” award he received in Paris in recognition for inspiring over 40 million viewers with his passion for cooking. Winners from previous years include VISA and Louis Vuitton.

ELITE HOSPITALITY Have a taste of the wilderness We are part of an elite gastronomic segment, created for a very small and exclusive range of discreet clients worldwide. A unique opportunity to sample exquisite seafood dishes from the land of the midnight sun, deep fjords and majestic mountains. Such symbolic elements are important, if not crucial, to Nordic food culture, and we encapsulate them perfectly within a multisensory experience aimed at capturing the essence and emotion of the Arctic wilderness.

CORPORATE HIGHLIGHTS Nordics only luxury culinary brand Supplier to Presidents and Royal families such as the Danish, Norwegian Royal Family, President of Slovakia and Finland and The Royal Majesty`s International Norwegian Embassies around the world.

Featured in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine “Eat love savour” Luxury Lifestyle Magazine IMPERIUM Culinary caterer to celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Jeremy Irons and Gordon Ramsay.