Alla Shliakhova – Artist, Professor, Fine Arts Expert, Journalist, Writer, Poet, Maecenas – was born in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and is at the moment based in Odessa (Ukraine). Her professional trajectory is indicated below:


1984: Graduated with honours from Kharkiv Children’s Art School named by I. Repin.

1988: Graduated with honours from the Kharkiv State School of Art where she received her education from Yu. Lutsenko.

From 1992 onwards: Been an active member of Greenpeace in her endeavour to protect and save the environment.
1994: Graduated with honours from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, where her notable teachers were V. Kovtun, E. Spitsevich, Yu. Stakhanov, V. Sizikov and S. Besedin. She has also obtained the Master of Arts Certificate.

In this connection, Alla Shliakhova has been appointed as Director of the Department for the Development of Culture, Tourism and Sports at the International Marine Business Association in Odessa (Ukraine), apart from playing a pivotal role as Dean of the Art Department at the International Academy of Arts and Science.

She works in different genres, including still life and portraiture. However, she personally prefers painting landscapes and indeed pastel is her favourite medium. As an eminent Professor of Art, she shares her artistic journey and knowledge with her interested students about the well-known materials and mediums (oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, pastel, coal, sepia, sanguine, pencil et al.) and has also devised her own training methodology.


Furthemore, Alla Shliakhova has also been deeply involved in charitable activities over a substantial period of time. Indeed she has hosted exhibitions and promoted the sale of her artworks under the slogan ‘WE GIVE GOOD TO THE WORLD!’. The proceeds from the sale of her paintings have been set aside in order to assist needy children, animals and nature.