Ghayathri Desai’s paintings are reflections and translations of a spiritual penchant mind into images expressed with a defined engagement of visual elements. Illumining the same fervour, her paintings are easily a visual journey, leading to a creative as well as a divine discovery.

The different avataras of the Goddesses Kali, Durga, Gauri, Mahagauri, Shiv Shakti, and symbols from Hindu iconography form the themes central to most of her paintings. While her paintings clearly depict and portray more than just narration, her myriad modes of creative expressions are her most important linguistic tactics.

Wide curvy eyes of the figures meet the onlooker’s eyes and thereafter begins the journey of the viewers.

Travelling along the linear treatment of human forms and symbolic icons simplifies the process of indulging in the theme of the paintings. This play of beauty is approached in a monochromatic colour palette, tending to unfold numerous implications and meanings.

Preciseness is a defining part of her paintings. By keeping only to the essential elements, simplicity is one of the pivotal elements and qualities in her paintings.

Her performative modes include style of form as well as playing with the colour palette in order to create a visual impact. By manifesting the themes from literary and visual sources, the artist treats the images with a celebrated sensuality.

The quest for originality deters her from viewing the contemporary art around her.

Indeed, she reiterates that originality is a vital aspect of her art and is indeed her first and foremost priority, and hence should not be subdued by the influence of other arts.

In this connection, Ghayathri’s inherent belief in infinity reinforces the fact there is no finality in invoking the spiritual and as a result, each of her paintings is a need and a yearning for the divine as well as an innate urge to attain the ever-higher level of mysticism.

‘Illuminations’ thus declares its social significance in its theme and approach of bringing together a wide array of work and most importantly connecting to the spiritual force within each human being. An artist can generate sentiments and peace of mind…and Ghayathri Desai is one such artist.