Fraud Advisery


Henningson Black Level – HBL advises caution against responding to fraudulent e-mails and internet postings purporting to be legitimate HBL communications and postings. Always secure with a visual call that you are communicating with one from the HBL FAMILY, and not somebody that is trying to use us fraudulently.

The right way to communicate with us is first email us from a legitimate address. Then set up a visual call, so you can prove that you are talking to the right person, and we will secure everything for you. If we do business, please ask for a legitimate copy of our passport. We will also do so. Then, we follow good compliance and due diligence procedures, so that there will be no doubt that you are dealing with the right person.

Please Note:

  • The email froman email that we have on our website : If you are not sure, please email the CEO Hendrick Henningson to
  • If you believe that you have been the victim of any fraud, please consider reporting it to your local law enforcement authority.
  • Please notify us if the fraud involves a misuse of the HBL’s name or logo, or the name of any HBL employee, or a fake email address or emails purporting to be from the HBL.
  • If you want to notify us of incidents or provide tips or have any questions about these matters, you may choose to submit this confidential message by an email to

The HBL is aware that its name and that the names of some of its employees are sometimes used to progress different forms of fraud, perpetrated against third parties.

Some of these scams are attempts at identity theft, including fraudulent emails, faxes, including copies of our website.

E-mails or letters are sent proposing various schemes such as offering loans, investment opportunities or participation in financial transactions, and / or requiring an advance payment in connection with a transaction supposedly to be made through the HBL.

These fraudulent materials use the HBL’s name, logo and address, as well as names of our staff and management from time to time – all without HBL’s permission.

The HBL requests you to be alert and always confirm the authenticity of any emails or documents you receive that purport to be from the HBL.

We urge you to make sure that all communications are legitimate and NOT to send money to any unauthorized individuals or institutions.

The HBL can take no responsibility for losses arising from these sites, services or documents.

The HBL cannot and will not honour any commitments or promises made by fake employees, impostors or unauthorized individuals.