Collins Osemeke

HBL ART is delighted to present our new Artist Collins Osemeke who originally hails from Nigeria and is now based in New Delhi, India!

A self-taught contemporary visual artist who specializes in mixed media and abstract art. Indeed, Collins Osemeke’s artistic journey and trajectory was initiated at a young age, spanning over three decades and resulting in an extensive collection of works. His art is characterized by abstract geometric expressionism, skilfully capturing personal experiences that have moulded and shaped his world view.

In this connection, his artworks illuminate and depict tales of humanity, by focusing on personal transformation, family dynamics, love, global scenarios, festivities, cultures, individuals, lifestyles, norms, and traditions, activism et al. By exploring a diverse range of subjects and themes, Collins has gained profound insights into the world and the human condition, which have substantially enhanced and enriched his artistic expression.

His paintings are a call for unity and togetherness, a bridge connecting hearts across the borders. Originally from Nigeria, Collins is married to an Indian and indeed India is now his home. For him, art is more than a mere passion; it is a powerful tool for activism. Leveraging his creative voice, he advocates for unity among all people, transcending their differences. His art serves as a platform to generate awareness about the significance of collective existence and the need to come together as one.

Given the above, his paintings initially spark our curiosity and stir our imagination, and thereafter introspection grips onlookers and viewers alike. 

The artist reiterates: As a contemporary visual artist, my mission is to create works that transcend borders, resonating with diverse audiences across the globe. I strive to encapsulate the human experience within my art, provoking viewers to reflect upon their lives and the world that surrounds them. My art touches upon universal themes, capturing the hearts of individuals from all walks of life. Through the unorthodox and trailblazing use of mixed media, each piece that I create is a visual odyssey that guides people through a journey, where the ordinary dissolves, and the extraordinary manifests and evolves. 

Furthermore, Collins has been felicitated widely and has received multiple awards and many accolades. He has exhibited his paintings at many reputed art galleries/institutions/festivals in India (Visual Arts Gallery: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS): Rafi Marg, New Delhi) and globally, in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Nepal, Nigeria and the United Kingdom among many others.