HBL collaborates with and supports key enterprises, serving as a strategic partner in their success and growth endeavors.

ONLINESS, KEFA Watches, Jetflite, Hald&Lie Aviation, Monte Carlo Boat Sales, The VRK Team The Corcoran Group, The Golden Phoenix, Taba Reality Group, Casa Botnia Building, Kivotos, Formvision, Evidence Yachting, Cyntesis, Rites of Passage by Teresa Scudero, Maison Lipari, Fiona’s Atleier, Luxury & Green, Aida Tlish, Yana Ivanchina, Alla Shliakhova, Letizia Zombori, Lorenzo Benetton, Anastasia Ryyabtseva, Covet Group, Zeina El Alami, Seed Capital of the Private Office of Sheikh Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Nationwide Middle East Properties, EMAAR, The Resort Group, Kipuwex, Megical, Medicortex, ILP Group, Amber Lounge, Amatista, Luxpresso Magazine, DESIGNER Magazine, MBM Company, TMConseil – International Luxury Communication & Design Agency, and many others.

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