HBL ART presents our new artist from India: Diparati Chakraborty!


Let us explore her artistic journey and fascinating life trajectory in the artist’s own words:
As a corporate professional based in Kolkata and with an innate passion for art,

I started exploring the world of painting around six years ago.

In this connection, I would describe myself as a self-taught artist since I began to experiment with soft pastels, acrylic, charcoal, graphite et al. in order to illuminate the images that were an inherent part of my imagination and inner world and which left an indelible impact on my psyche. This entire creative process ultimately led to the manifestation of my myriad thoughts and unique vision on paper and canvas.

Thereafter, I was specially invited by various art groups, cultural institutions and galleries to showcase my artworks.

In this connection, my paintings have been exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), Birla Academy of Art & Culture (Kolkata) as well as at the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR, Kolkata).

Furthermore, my artworks have also been selected by Project GBA&C-Google Books Arts & Culture which recognises and celebrates the accomplishments of artists globally who have made, and are making, significant contributions in the field of art, producing powerful imagery that continues to captivate, educate, inspire and heal humanity.   

Given the above, the inspiration for my paintings originates from multiple sources, ranging from a human face to random lines from a Rumi or a Neruda poem to Indian mythology.