As a former golf professional who has played golf for more than 40 years, I am passionate about golf, its history, and the challenge it represents.
It is a fantastic game that brings people together in amazing settings. The historic nature and feel of our golf courses in the UK are different and something very special. I grew up playing links golf in Suffolk and Norfolk, which started my love for this style of golf. After my junior golf years,
I became a golf professional, playing and coaching for 10 years before moving into the corporate world of BMW where I ran Corporate Golf Events for 20 years. Now living in the Northwest of England, I have some incredible courses to choose from, on England’s Golf Coast which is just outside Liverpool we have 3 “Royal Open Championship” golf courses and a “supporting cast” of another 7 exceptional golf courses.
We have 32 of the World’s Best Golf Courses in the UK which gives us the opportunity to build wonderful golf tours based on courses which challenge every aspect of your game. We aim to ensure our clients enjoy exciting, interesting, and memorable trips – we love mixing great golf & experiences to maximise your time in the UK. I look forward to compiling a mixture of courses for you that are some of the best you will ever play!