I am very honored and thrilled to join as a Vice President to Henningson Black Level Health.
In Henningson Black Level, we aim to bring outstanding health companies with a holistic approach, and I am genuinely excited to be part of this endeavour where innovation meets excellence in the realm of New Health & Med Tech.
I’m concurrently working as the Chief Marketing Officer at Kipuwex. In the dynamic landscape of New Health & Med Tech, one innovative player stands out – the Kipuwex Remote Monitoring Medical Device. Unlike any other device on the market, Kipuwex sets a new benchmark by measuring a wide range of physiological parameters, exceeding conventional limits, and redefining telehealth capabilities. As an integral part of the management team, I am devoted to contributing my insights, experience, and passion for healthcare innovation to the ongoing success of Kipuwex. As a CMO, I am steadfast in my commitment to drive global awareness of Kipuwex through various dynamic media platforms, enlightening the world about the transformative potential of our groundbreaking healthcare solution and its ecosystem.
My journey is centred around making connections, both on and off the digital landscape. With over a decade of experience in marketing within the wellness and healthcare sectors, I have successfully propelled Finnish companies, especially in the UAE area. Business matchmaking with high-level VIPs has been a hallmark of my endeavors, building bridges and fostering international partnerships and distributorships.
Health has always played an essential role in my life; from a professional sports background in my childhood and youth, I’ve carried a sports-centric way of life throughout my journey. This has given me never give up” attitude and also willpower to embrace challenges and hunger to win. Recognizing the importance of instilling a love for physical activity early on, I created a concept for kids that encourages them to engage in sports while learning. Furthermore, I’ve developed a trauma mobile app, firmly believing in the significance of maintaining good physical and mental health to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. My latest book serves as a self-help tool for mental health, featuring almost 200 flower pictures from Finland, each paired with empowering thoughts, as flowers possess a unique healing effect on individuals.
We extend a warm invitation to healthcare companies seeking innovation and transformative solutions in patient-centered New Health & Med Tech. Feel free to connect with us to explore a multiple collaboration opportunities including investment, branding, consultancy, and more. Our dedicated team at Henningson Black Level Health is ready to contribute expertise, insights, and support tailored to elevate your healthcare endeavors. Together, let’s embark on a journey of innovation and excellence in shaping the future of healthcare.