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The Pentagon Group

HBL´S COLLABORATOR The Pentagon Group embodies a philosophy of strong ethical values with integrity, transparency, trust, dedication, reliability and refined financial expertise. With over a century of combined markets experience, our team of experts has been crafting their skills, insight and research-based approach to delivering client-focused solutions.

At The Pentagon Group, we understand your priorities in the requirements of securing your assets, investing and monitoring performance. We strive to provide advanced and creative investment solutions being tailored for each of our investors, partners, and clients. We can tilt the odds significantly in your favor by having the right philosophy, mindset, process, team, clients, and culture.

We play great defense on behalf of your interests.

The Pentagon Group Excellence

Wealth Management / Family Office / Private Investment Office

Thanks to the knowledge gained in financial domain, The Pentagon Group is able to support UHNWI individuals and families through highly personalized financial advisory and portfolio management services, with the purpose to protect and to increase their wealth.

Asset Management / Portfolio Management

Thanks to the advanced management skills developed in the institutional asset management with quantitative and absolute return approach, The Pentagon Group offers a full range of innovative investment strategies to family offices, institutions and investment funds, with high-standard results.

  • Focus on clients’ investment management
  • Total Independence from any bank
  • No conflict of interest
  • Transparent fees structure
  • 100 % open architecture with access to external investment banks and investment funds
  • Flexible market-adaptive and innovative solutions
  • A-Structuring & Managing Assets – subject to market regulator’s approval (CSSF in Luxembourg)
  • Portfolio construction is designed together with each client; investment scope is set within strict risk parameters, specific investment guidelines and frequency-defined reviews & reporting to allow for adequate re-allocation.
  • Mandates are tailor-made to each investor’s needs and objectives.
  • The Pentagon Group is specializing in monitoring, allocating and providing bespoke solutions via asset managers, with proven track records based on strong quantitative and risk-management skills ranging from traditional to alternative funds, as well as advanced tailor-made capital guarantee products. Our investment solution experiences in capital guarantee structured allows for advanced selection of performance engines from a wide universe, such as index, basket of funds, credit, hybrid, inflation, volatility as well as cash enhancement gearing.

Dedicated Fund Management solutions

By renting a compartment (sub-fund) in an already existing fund structure (umbrella fund), as clients you benefit from a fully CSSF-compliant AIFM structure to launch your own fund. This third-party architecture deals with on-going compliance work and risk management, and provides central fund administration and executive board. Thus we/you can concentrate on managing your AIF.

B- Multi-Family Office Department

  • Family Office Services, Family Management, Life Organizer, Private Banking, Wealth Management, Lifestyle Management, Luxury Services, Fiduciary Services, Relocation, Internationalization, International Tax Planning, Corporate Finance, Working Capital, Transportation Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Art Consulting, Prestigious Properties, Yield Properties, Luxury Hotels, Commodities, Sport Management and Strategic Advisory.

C- Financing Economic Projects 

  • Starting at 30 M Euro minimum requirement, Pentagon GP is specialising in combining capital markets & alternative asset management to enhance yield using capital guarantee structured solutions to finance economic projects.It can be used to finance granular assets such as residential real estate. It can also be used to finance non-granular assets such as commercial real estate or factories/plants.
  • The Pentagon Group is aiming at supporting clients with their funding needs in significant development for single or multi-family real estate financing needs, developments and acquisition projects, alternative energy and business acquisition/expansion. We can make available high LTV funding (up to 75%) capabilities (with a unique zero interest technique).

D- Clearing Financial Transactions

  • Via dedicated Simplified Limited Partnership entities (e.g. Pentagon Structured Asset SCSp), Pentagon manages and supervises various transactions to ensure proper clearing between the parties via the banking institutions. The transaction will not be authorised by Pentagon GP before each parties has met its obligations to deliver its cash / assets in its dedicated  structure in full compliance with a pre-defined modus operandi.
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