CAPE SEADUCTIVE RESORT & SPA – the upcoming shared charity project of Henningson Black Level – HBL

Hendrick Henningson says: “For a long time I have been searching for a charity project where I could really make an impact. I am a sea lover, so it needed to be something including that. When I started to talk more with my friend Lulu Gilmore after many years of being in contact with her, we saw that we had numerous things in common and she told me about her project. She has already for a time been giving a percentage of Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa to the local conservation of Dinagat Islands and helped to fund the education of local children. Quickly we noticed that this is where I and HBL can be of assistance! She had already started, so we only needed to add the sea part. This is how we started our journey together in this May 2024”.

The story of Cape Seaductive (sustainability & Charity) 

The idea of Cape Seaductive Resort was conceived in July 2017 when the owner of the resort Lulu Gilmore took her American-born children to the Philippines for the very first time. “I wanted to show them the Philippines I remember as a little girl,  with the authentic Filipino culture and symbols. I thought it would be a wonderful experience for all of us to stay in a traditional ” Bahay Kubo ” A cube, stilted home, built with a thatched roof, bamboo floor and walls. But in this ever globalized world, finding this type of lodging with unique identity proved to be almost impossible”.

“To my disappointment because I was not able to find this type of property that was small, focused, exclusive and tailored to our needs. So to fill this void, I decided to create my own boutique resort that can proudly articulate this specific traditional Filipino aesthetic. Now we are a unique travel experience,  offering exclusivity, and personalized adventures that tells you the story of Dinagat Islands, the people and its beauty”.

Cape Seaductive Resort is a splendid example of a tropical destination. The mission and goal is to enable the guests to unplug and reconnect with Mother Nature and find your peace. 98% of the material we use is either repurposed or harvested responsibly from our land. You can visit fragile, pristine and relatively undisturbed natural wonders. They aim for a low-impact and small-scale alternative to commercial mass tourism and focus on socially responsible travel, personal growth, healthy lifestyle and environmental sustainability. Enjoy breathtaking views of Melgar Bay and the Surigao Strait. Cozy up inside your artisan-designed room or relax on the deck with a cup of Filipino coffee, savouring the beautiful sunsets and experiencing the property’s unique spa treatments massage huts and mud bath.

Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa is the perfect blend of luxurious comfort and traditional island living. Our main goal is for you to unplug from the busy modern lifestyle and reconnect with the tranquillity of nature. Cape Seaductive is organic and rustic, yet refined. It has its own half a mile long beach with hundreds of coconut trees, and all food is directly from the sea or garden, 100 % organic and not frozen!

The resort expects that a tourist brings only sunscreen that is tested not to damage the corals, makeup and other products that are tested for environmental protection. No single used plastic everything is used for a purpose, for example, the straw for the drinks is made of Bamboo. Eco-friendly toiletry items will be provided during your stay.

The resort is run on running water from the waterfalls & solar power, totally off the grid. It has also limited to 100 people in all the areas together to limit the impact of the land, which is called Low Impact Tourism.

Both Lulu and Hendrick are true believers of helping in one place where the whole thing is controlled and you can really see the impact of your work. This is why Cape Seaductive is the perfect place for this project.

We will be building this project together during the next months and at the same time some “Black Level Sustainable & Charity vacation packages”. At the moment we can tailor-make a stay for you. You just need to contact us and we will take care of everything. You will be reading more on our website and publicity about it.Experience the beauty and nature of the Philippines by staying in this remote real luxurious resort. This is a true luxury as you will be in a place where not everybody will share on their Instagram. At the same time, you will do it in a truly sustainable way and bring your part to the charity work of ours!

We cannot wait to share our tropical paradise with you says Lulu Gilmore, founder and CEO of CAPE SEADUCTIVE RESORT AND SPA

I want to welcome Lulu into the HBL FAMILY with her project with which we can make a change locally around the resort!

Lulu Gilmore
Lulu GilmoreCEO Cape Seaductive
Hendrick Henningson
Hendrick HenningsonOwner of Henningson Black Level - HBL