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Sales Boosting

Henningson Black Level helps companies with your Sales and Marketing challenges.

The Coronavirus will affect many companies. We help you bring in new sales to meet your 2021 Sales targets.


HBL operates globally, and we do it in a cost-efficient way due to our light structure.

Due to our extent Networks we get your company where you want to go

We can do it as a project or for X days a week.

With us you just customize the amount you feel that is correct for  your needs and budget.

This way it will be much cheaper than building a heavy sales organization.

Now your company has the opportunity to add more markets to your internationalization strategy.






We present you new Sales & Marketing solutions, powered by our unique Artificial Intelligence.

Henningson Black Level, together with ADMD our unique ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

It is an end-to-end solution that is completely changing the face of Sales and Marketing.

HoneyData Artificial Intelligence Sales Solution is changing how business is done! Grow your sales by 200%-300%.

Here are the numbers….

Increased Outbound Conversion Rates 2-3X Increase in Inbound Lead 85%-95%. Accuracy for Lead Scoring 20%-50%.

More Engagement / Week 20%-50%. Reduced Churn.

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Business Solutions

Change is the only constant in today’s world.

HBL can provide your company with solutions to boost your Success.

Whatever your concern is, we will help you find the solutions.


Digital Marketing & Coaching

Digital Marketing integrated with Sales are a thing that is changing the game today.

Typical problems are both under and over performance in this area.

The old school is trying to underestimate the importance and the new school is overestimating it.

HBL can both help you build or coach your sales force in this area.

We are ourselves working on daily basis digitally, globally.

For example, we can “rocket launch” your sales force LinkedIn activity in a couple of weeks with only two sessions.

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