Henningson Black Level acts as a JETFLITE Partner

for Aircraft Management, Aircraft Acquisitions and Private Jet Chartering.


Aircraft management

Jetflite has been managing third-party-owned aircraft for over a decade. Over these years,

we have built our company to satisfy complex customer needs, fast schedule and route changes and the perfect customer experience.


Personalized Service

Jetflite offers a boutique aircraft management service for our clients.

We maintain a small operation with a highly specialized fleet,

which ensures that each aircraft owner will receive plenty of individual attention and customer care.

Jetflite will not grow its fleet unless we are sure that we have time to take care of each and every customer.



Jetflite has been managing aircraft for over 20 years for several, different aircraft owners.

Over these years, we have built our company to satisfy complex customer needs, maintain fast schedule,

and route changes and provide the perfect customer experience.

Many business aviation companies come and go. We have been here for decades!



We specialize in aircraft management for heavy and ultra-long-range privately-owned aircraft. Aircraft owners benefit from resources and systems, volume discounts and the special expertise we can offer as part of a large group of companies.


Aircraft Acquisition

Jetflite has developed an acquisition process for this complex type of purchase.

Business jets are long-term investments, and the regulatory and operational environment is changing fast.

 Jetflite has been flying, buying, selling and managing EASA-based business aircraft for three decades.

We are not committed to any manufacturer, but have experience in dealing with most of them.


Charter your Jet

To reduce the cost of aircraft ownership, we have the capability to charter out your aircraft.

Jetflite has a wide base of frequent charter customers.

Our in-house professionals, pilots and mechanics ensure that our aircraft is always ready to go, day or night.

We take great pride in being able to react faster than anyone else.


Our promises to our customers

We keep our promises and try to exceed them.

You are welcomed to your flights by people you know and can trust.

We treat you fairly and with respect. If we make a mistake, we do not cover it up.

We always do what we feel is best for you and your property.

We have the innovation and make the extra effort that your perfect experience requires.

For a private jet, look no further!



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