Mata ni Pachedi, which means “behind the Mother Goddess,” is a unique and enduring art form that has been passed down through generations of the Devipujak community in India. The history of this art is closely linked to India’s tumultuous geopolitical past. During these times, the Devipujak community faced numerous challenges, including the destruction of their temples and the desecration of their deities.
In this connection and in order to ensure the protection of their beliefs as well as the preservation of their cultural heritage, the Devipujak community manifested an ingenious solution. They began transferring the idols of their gods and goddesses onto fabric, thereby creating intricate and beautiful works of art known as Mata ni Pachedi – the sacred art which is now revered by all. These works of art were not only visually stunning, but also practical and functional. They were easy to carry and could be unfurled anywhere, allowing the Devipujak to worship their deities irrespective of their location. 
Today, Mata ni Pachedi is considered an important part of India’s artistic heritage. It is revered for its beauty, cultural significance, and enduring legacy as a symbol of resilience, devotion, and social justice. 
Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara. A master artisan of Mata ni Pachedi who garnered acclaim and achieved national recognition for his exceptional craftsmanship in 2006. His unwavering dedication and artistic brilliance were honoured with a prestigious national award pertaining to his valuable contribution towards the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of Mata ni Pachedi. This esteemed recognition not only celebrated Kiran’s remarkable skills but also acknowledged his tireless efforts in keeping the art form alive and inspiring future generations of artists. Through his intricate creations, Kiran has captivated audiences and showcased the beauty of Mata ni Pachedi on a national platform, solidifying his status as a revered artist in the realm of traditional Indian art.
Given the above, Kiran’s artistic prowess and dedication to Mata ni Pachedi have garnered significant recognition. Recently, his exceptional artwork caught the attention of the Prime Minister of India. Indeed Kiran had the tremendous honour of recently gifting his masterpiece to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak. This gesture received high appreciation and praise from the Prime Minister of India, recognising Kiran’s talent and his multiple efforts in terms of promoting the art form on an international platform. In addition, the artworks have also been given as diplomatic gifts to eminent guests and dignitaries at various other meetings and summits.