Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara is a renowned Mata ni Pachedi artist from Gujarat, India.

He was born in a family of traditional artists and grew up learning the art form from his father and grandfather.

He has been practising Mata ni Pachedi art for over three decades and has become a master of this unique art form.
Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara’s artwork is characterised by bold and vibrant colours, intricate designs,

and detailed depictions of the mother goddess, Devi, and her various forms.

He uses natural dyes to create his art and often incorporates traditional motifs and patterns into his designs.
One of Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara’s notable contributions to the art form is his experimentation with new techniques and materials.

He has been known to use a variety of fabrics, including silk and cotton, to create his art, and has also incorporated natural colours.
Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara has exhibited his artworks in various art galleries and museums in India and around the world.

He has also received numerous awards and honours for his contributions to the art form,

including the prestigious National Award for Mata ni Pachedi in 2006.
Overall, Kiran Bhulabhai Chitara’s artwork is a testament to the beauty and richness of Mata ni Pachedi art,

and his innovative approach to the art form has helped to keep it alive and thriving for future generations.