I can offer you through my Henningson Black Level Collaborator Network  investment opportunities globally.

We have a shortlist that is +100 pages long from where you can choose what suits you:

Investments in Real Estate, Property Developments, Hotels, Companies, Hightech, Medtech, Privatejets,  Yachts, etc.


We can offer UHNWI, Family Offices, Private Investment offices and Wealth Managers

many kinds of investment possibilities and other business and luxury services.


If you are interested, please contact, and I will send you a list of opportunities according your needs.


Pentagon Income Capital

Henningson Black Level has partnered with The Pentagon Group in Luxembourg

to present these marvellous investment products together.


No capital risk over 10 year, your capital is guaranteed at 100% from day one.
A compounded interest payment of 2,5%, 2,75% or 3% annually, provisioned and secured.
Plus a Bonus of an additional variable yield pick-up of 1 to 2% per annum.

Min. 50 000 000 € (up to 300M)


We also offer the Pentagon 3D Capital Defender and 5D Profit Protector”

with min USD 200K for 3D / EURO 500k for 5D



Please contact us and tell us about what would be interesting for you.

We can also search for an investor for you if you have an interesting project.



+34 683 243 885 (Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram)

+358 40 483 5664